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The illustration can really touch your heart

An artist Tang Yau Hoong, 相信大家對他的作品不陌生, 不複雜的插圖且碰觸人心,我是這樣覺得, 你們呢? 下面幾張我很希歡的作品與你們分享!

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A Mind-Blowing Chinese Traditional Photography

Don Hong-Oai was born in Guangzhou, a city of China in 1929, moved to Vietnam and then started his photography career at his young age. Mr. Don practiced his art in France and Malaysia and worked as a photographer for the Red Cross. In 1979, he found his way to the United States and settled into San Francisco’s Chinese community. He passed away in 2004 at age of 75 and left behind an amazing volume of works. Read More »

Most Insane Immersive Movie Experience EVER

We have seen so many different projection projects so far, in doors or out doors. But I believe we haven’t seen something like this series of film 1before, there is no VFX, no post production, editing or cuts, everything you see is 100% real in the flims.

This crew was funded by the Video Store of PlayStation® Store to make a series of movie related videos using ‘Immersive Imaging’ which takes 3D projection mapping as its starting point, but gives the viewer a supercharged experience with the help of the PlayStation Move controller.
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Infographics of year 2011


.2011 Mobile marketing


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介面轉場設計參考網站-Meaningful Transitions

↑ Scroll bounce effect on iPhone


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